[ARM] Add Pinephone editions

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As a result of the discussion in a meeting, here is an MR that adds the Pinephone to our listed devices, together with Phosh and Plasma Mobile editions.

So we add Pinephone (Beta) to the menu, add screenshots from Phosh and Plasma Mobile and add the edition download pages.

The reason the device is listed as a Beta, is that the software is not quite stable yet.

Once it gets stable enough for the maintainers to think they are ready, we can remove the (Beta) from the device name and it will be updated as part of our regular releases.

This MR only includes the regular Pinephone, as I don't think the Pinephone Pro is quite ready yet, but we can add it anytime we feel comfortable with it.

Signed-off-by: Dan Johansen strit@manjaro.org

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