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New branding

Artem Grinev requested to merge new-branding into 3.2.x-stable

Implements new Calamares branding:

  • New side panel
  • Completely new animated slideshow based on @bogdancovaciu mockups
  • New font on the welcome screen

This will require the installation of ttf-comfortaa by default on all editions.

upstream MR
VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_46_48 VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_40_46
VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_47_04 VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_41_05
VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_47_28 VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_41_30
VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_47_56 VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_41_36
VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_47_53 VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_41_41
VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_47_59 VirtualBox_Manjaro_XFCE_15_08_2022_13_41_48

Slideshow animation preview:


The slideshow text and maybe graphics (charts, images) is a subject for discussion.

I also have a text for slides per every official edition which needs to be discussed on how we can implement it better (@philm suggested to create packages for every DE but we can come up with other ideas)

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