Uncapitalize EFI to efi

Closed Bernhard Landauer requested to merge leee:efi-capitalization into master

Created by: leee

This patch uncapitalizes EFI to efi - the Architect disk setup uses /boot/efi, and so this inconsistency causes the installation of GRUB to break.

It is also okay to go the other way around - that is, the disk setup uses /boot/EFI, but seeing as /boot/efi is used in several other areas here, it is easiest to perform this 2 line change as opposed to many more.

Apologies for not being able to sign this patch - I am editing this on a machine with fresh M-A installation which provided me a half-broken GNOME (because of the [255] issue with installing GNOME in the full variant) and spent too much time not understanding why that and GRUB was not installing properly until now.

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