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zfs support

dalto requested to merge zfs into master

Everything seems to be working well at this point with the exception of the issue with one of the laptops I tested on discussed in the forum. For completeness, here is the issue:

The first time through I received an error that it filed to load the zfs module. I was able to load it at the rootfs console but there were no devices created for the eMMC device so I couldn’t import the zpool. I added mmc_block to the MODULES and rebuilt the initrd. I still get the same error but once I get to the rootfs prompt I can load the module and import the zpool without issue. My best guess is something is loading in the wrong order so at the point it tries to load zfs modules it can’t but once it drops out to the emergency shell it can. I only have one machine with an eMMC drive to test with so I don’t know if it related to the eMMC or something else.

I think it is ready to be merged so we can get more people looking at it and testing it.

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