Feature release

  • buildarmimg now respects >pinephone tags in profiles. (thanks to philm)
  • buildarmimg now also generates a list of all packages installed on the created image. (thanks to oberon)
  • Both buildarmpkg and buildarmimg now cleans up the pkg-cache used by the tools, so only the last 3 versions of packages gets saved. (thanks to oberon)
  • Split out rockpi4 support into rockpi4b and rockpi4c.
  • Add support for Odroid N2+
  • buildarmpkg now has a -n option, to install the newly built package into the build rootfs. This is useful if you are building lots of packages that depends on the previously built one. (thanks to oberon)
  • Add basic error handling across the tools. It does not catch all yet. (thanks to oberon)