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  • 2.8.1
    Release 2.8.1

    Release Notes:

    • Remove buildarmoem.
    • Make `buildarmimg function again.
    • Change partitioning to 2 partition layout for all devices.
    • General code cleanup.
    • Add a couple of new dependencies.
    • Remove deployarmpkg, since we now use Boxit.
    • Remove device specific section from buildarmimg, since it's now handles with post-install packages.
    • Remove buildmobilefs, since we newer used it.
    • Add pinephone user to audio group by default.
  • 2.8.0
    f78f352e · remove unused repo-add.sh ·
    Release 2.8.0

    Feature Release:


    • Fix some pinephone services.
    • U-boot flashing now expects the ATF enabled uboot for rk3399 devices.
    • Make getarmprofiles use the new location for the arm-profiles.
    • Fix some stuff in deployarmpkg, but we will not use it anymore, because we have Boxit.
    • Remove zip from dependency list.
    • Support other package formats, like .zst, instead of only .xz.
    • Adapt all the tools to use the new boxit server structure.
    • Add branch support to buildarmpkg and buildarmoem.
    • Don't replace the mirrorlist on the host system when using buildarmpkg, buildrootfs and builddockerimg.
    • Remove the old unused repo-add.sh script.

    Notice We recommend removing your previous package caches, rootfs download and profiles when installing this release. Do so, by running these commands:

    sudo rm /var/cache/manjaro-arm-tools/pkg/pkg-cache/*
    sudo rm /var/lib/manjaro-arm-tools/img/manjaro-ARM-*
    sudo getarmprofiles -f
  • 2.7.3
    Release 2.7.3

    Improvement release:

    • [buildarmpkg] move the installation of local package to later function, so you can "chain" install multiple packages over multiple tries.
    • [buildarmpkg] mount the PKGBUILD folder into the chroot instead of copying.
    • [deployarmpkg] make it possible to upload multiple packages at once.
  • 2.7.2
    Release 2.7.2

    Bug fix release

    New Stuff:

    • Now displays all supported devices in help section instead of using hardcoded entries.
    • [buildarmoem] Switch Rapsberry Pi 4 images to using regular sddm instead of sddm-compat.
    • [buildarmoem] Remove GDM specific stuff from gnome edition, since it now uses sddm.
    • [buildarmoem] Remove the wifi powermanagement stuff from TLP in rockpi4 and pbpro device settings.
    • General code clean up.
  • 2.7.1
    Release 2.7.1

    Bugfix Release

    New stuff:

    • Fix basestrap command to include manjaro-system and manjaro-release
    • Updated makepkg to version 5.2
    • Enable khadas-utils on Vim devices
    • Use expiredate= on display managers because of new systemd behaviour
    • Populate archlinux keyring during image creation
    • Switch Odroid N2 to use Mainline kernel
    • Add Pinebook Pro device to supported device lists.
    • Use fbturbo driver on Pinebook Pro XFCE images, until Panfrost issues are resolved.
  • 2.7.0
    Release 2.7.0

    New features:

    • builddockerimg is a new script, that will create a base Manjaro ARM aarch64 image and upload it to Dockerhub.
    • Add support for the Vim 1 device.
    • Add support for the Vim 2 device.
    • Add support for headless setups in buildarmoem. Great for server setups.


    • Remove uboot flashing on vim3 devices, since it does not use it anymore.
    • Use regular sddm version for Vim 3.
    • More tuning for PineTab, PinePhone and Plasma Mobile tests.
    • Rename kde to kde-plasma.
    • Fix basestrap command after the base group got replaced by a meta package.
    • Fix bootsplash support on Pine devices.
    • Fix doubleslash in path when uploading images with deployarmimg.
  • 2.6.4
    Release 2.6.4

    Bugfix release

    New in this release:

    • Distribution of base rootfs is now done via CDN
    • Finish Khadas Vim 3 support
    • Clean up the Raspberry Pi 4 support
    • Start support for PineTab
    • Start support for PinePhone
    • [deployarmpkg] Only upload if signature was created
    • [deployarmimg] Only upload if signature was created
    • Fix an issue where the sddm-compat was not properly applied to correct images
    • Change default device to rpi4
  • 2.6.3
    Release 2.6.3

    New in this release:

    • Finish rpi4 support.
    • Add support for Khadas Vim 3.
    • Use https mirrors during builds.
    • Add new torrent tracker.
    • Start on PinePhone, PineTab and Pinebook Pro support.
    • Device and Edition checks now happen in the start of image building.
  • 2.6.2
    Release 2.6.2

    Bugfix Release

    Changes in this release:

    • Use pkg-cache for image creation aswell.
    • Fix typo in buildemmcinstaller.
    • Remove resize-fs from all images. This is now done by the OEM Setup.
    • Add buildmobilefs, to build images/rootfs for mobile devices in the future.
    • Set hostname to manjaro-arm in the EMMC Installer images.
    • Add preliminary support for rpi4. Generated images does not work yet.
  • 2.6.1
    Release 2.6.1

    Bugfix Release

    Fixes and changes:

    • buildarmpkg and buildrootfs now uses basestrap, since pacstrap is getting removed from Manjaro repositories. To get basestrap please install manjaro-tools-base package. Dependency has also changed because of this.
    • Updated some help sections. Like for buildemmcinstaller and getarmprofiles.
    • Disabled buildarmimg for the time being. It was broken and not really used. Might get removed at some point.
    • buildarmpkg now uses the hosts pkg-cache folder instead of the rootfs cache. This results in a lot fewer packages being downloaded when a package gets build, because it might have been used before.
  • 2.6.0
    Release 2.6.0

    Feature Release

    New in this release:

    • Removed armv7h support.
    • Add preliminary RockPi4 support.
    • Add script to build eMMC flashing images for supported laptops. Called buildemmcinstaller.
    • Fix HDMI sound on rpi3.
    • Fix a chroot error when making images.
    • Fix partitions done by buildarmoem. They are now all labeled.
    • Fix boot partition on Odroid N2. Kernel updates should now apply correctly.
    • Fix polkit folder not found message when building minimal images.
    • Fix signature option in deployarmimg.
  • 2.5.0
    Release 2.5.0

    Feature Release

    In this release I have added a couple of new things.

    • Support for the rockpro64 board from Pine64.
    • Support for the odroid-n2 board from Hardkernel.
    • deployarmimg should now generate a signature for the image before uploading.

    I also fixed a couple of issues/bugs.

    • getarmprofiles now need sudo or root rights to run.
    • Moved dhcpcd.service and systemd-networkd.service to minimal profiles, since only minimal actually used it.
    • Added a bit of info text when copying rootfs to the image, so you know it's happening.
    • Increased the extra buffer size of the images to 300 MB, because the N2 filesystem is a bit larger.
    • Odroid N2 does not work with newer versions of SDDM, because it uses an old 4.9 kernel. So now uses sddm-n2 package instead.
    • Cleaned up the rockpro64 image creation code.
  • 2.4.8
    Release 2.4.8

    Bugfix Release

    In this release we fixed:

    • A typo in the create_img function.
    • Polkit asking for root password. It now asks for sudo password again on the built images.
    • Permissions of built packages and images to now allow moving/deletion by the user.
    • Updated QEMU binaries to 4.1-rc2.
    • Remove machine-id on generated images.
    • The user defined conf file (in ~/.local/manjaro-arm-tools/) is no longer used. Use the one in /etc/manjaro-arm-tools/ instead.
  • 2.4.7
    Release 2.4.7

    Bugfix release


    • Remove systemd-firstboot.service from images as it does not work properly and messes up the first boot process.
    • The builds scripts now need to be run with sudo. This adds the benefit of only needing to type the password once and it runs all the way through without interaction. Before it would ask for sudo password every 10 minutes or so.
    • And a big bug fix. I finally found and fixed the timedatectl and localectl bug that has been annoying me for the last year! So images generated should now be able to use timedatectl to set timezones etc and localectl can be used to set locales and keyboard layouts etc again.
  • 2.4.6
    Release 2.4.6

    Bugfix release

    Fixed in this release:

    • Don't enable pinebook-user.service in buildarmimg and buildarmoem when creating pinebook images. It did not work as it should. Changes has been made to the pinebook-post-install script to account for this.
    • Remove create_rootfs_function from buildarmimg and buildarmoem, since it didn't really serve a need.
    • Add -i option to buildarmpkg to install a local package into a the rootfs before building packages. Useful when you just need a single dependency not yet in the repo.
    • Fix sopine support. I haven't tested on a sopine, but I did test on the pine64-lts board, where it works fine.
    • Images sizes are now a variable, instead of a fixed size. This makes it possible to create huge or tiny images without having to account for it in the tools before hand. Images are now around +200MB the size of the edition it self.
  • 2.4.5
    Release 2.4.5

    Feature release:

    New Stuff

    • Add -x option to buildarmimg and buildarmoem to disable compression of image. Cuts image creation times in half, useful for testing.
    • Add -i option to buildarmimg and buildarmoem to install a local package into the image rootfs. Useful for testing new packages before they get uploaded to repository. This requires the command to be run from the location that contains the package.
    • Change the default mirror inside the rootfs via pacman.conf.armv7h|aarch64 files. Now uses a mirror that updates every 10 minutes. Useful for testing.
  • 2.4.4
    Release 2.4.4

    Bugfix (and small feature) release:


    • Add nyan-big support, which is a Chromebook device!
    • Fix the -k option for buildarmpkg.
    • Fix some gnome edition stuff.
    • Remove torrent tracker, since it's no longer up.
    • Add -n option to buildarmoem and buildarmimg to force redownload of new basic rootfs. Now uses the current downloaded one if it exists.
    • Added i3 to the "large" 5000 MB editions, since it's installed size is just over the 4 GB mark.
    • Fix the disabling of lightdm for i3 edition when building OEM images.
    • Switch back to using Rock64 image layout for the RockPro64. Hopefully it will work.
    • Small fixes and additions to the readme.
  • 2.4.3
    Release 2.4.3

    Bug fix release

    • Fix SSL in images. Should now work out of the box.
    • Added gnome to the large images category.
    • Disable gdm.service when using buildarmoem to build gnome edition.
    • Add -k option to keep previous build rootfs when using buildarmpkg.
  • 2.4.2   Adjust to new filesystem
    Release 2.4.2

    Mainly a bugfix release!

    Fixed in this release:

    • Fixed #13. Moved the deletion of temp files to cleanup phase.
    • Make the removal of display-manager symlink silent in buildarmoem.
    • Don't try to remove display manager symlink on minimal editions. Since they don't have any.
    • Add hostname generation to buildarmimg and to the OEM install script.
    • Fix the long standing issue, where SSL didn't work on images until update-ca-trust was run or ca-certificates was reinstalled.
    • Hopefully fixed bootloader flashing for rockpro64.
  • 2.4.1   Bugfix release
    Release 2.4.1

    Bugfix release

    • Fixed a bug where the base rootfs would not have it's packages updated during image creation.
    • Now using absolute paths for every folder/file, I think.
    • Now using an info function that shows text with a little blue arrow, like the msg function shows text with larger green arrow.
    • Trying EFI partitions for the rockpro64, still does not boot. 🙁
    • Trying to fix some user defined stuff, like services.