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  • 2.9.3
    b3aeaad7 · [buildarmimg] fix sed cmd ·
    Release 2.9.3

    New stuff:

    • [buildarmimg] Fixed a typo, resulting in no services being enabled on non-pinephone images.
    • [buildarmpkg] Only copy over the aarch64 qemu binary, if the host is not on aarch64 architecture.
    • New command signarmpkgs now signs all packages in current folder, with the GPGKEY defined in /etc/makepkg.conf.
  • 2.9.2
    Release 2.9.2

    New stuff:

    • [deployarmimg] now also uploads pkglist files together with all the other files.
    • [buildarmimg] enable services one at a time, to prevent all services from being disabled if one is missing in profile.
    • [buildarmimg] add BMAP support, which should make it faster to flash the images that have it.
    • [README] add bmap-tools as an optional dependency for bmap support.
  • 2.9.1
    Release 2.9.1


    • [buildrootfs] Now uses a provided pacstrap script, instead of relying on manjaro-arm-base's basestrap. (oversight from last release)
    • [buildarmpkg] Now also prunes package cache, if the build fails. Before it would not unmount the package cache because the prune function was not run.
    • [buildarmimg] Now uses the functions of pacman-mirrorlist in the chroot to generate a mirrorlist, but not ranking them. Shaves of a few minutes of image build time.
    • [buildarmimg][buildarmpkg] Change branch names accepted by -b argument. Not only accepts stable, testing and unstable to be in line with Manjaro x86 branch names.
  • 2.9.0
    Release 2.9.0

    Feature release

    • buildarmimg now respects >pinephone tags in profiles. (thanks to philm)
    • buildarmimg now also generates a list of all packages installed on the created image. (thanks to oberon)
    • Both buildarmpkg and buildarmimg now cleans up the pkg-cache used by the tools, so only the last 3 versions of packages gets saved. (thanks to oberon)
    • Split out rockpi4 support into rockpi4b and rockpi4c.
    • Add support for Odroid N2+
    • buildarmpkg now has a -n option, to install the newly built package into the build rootfs. This is useful if you are building lots of packages that depends on the previously built one. (thanks to oberon)
    • Add basic error handling across the tools. It does not catch all yet. (thanks to oberon)
  • 2.8.6
    Release 2.8.6

    Some new stuff:

    • Fix some issues with handling Phosh profile
    • Ignore architectures in PKGBUILDS when using buildarmpkg
    • Add a pacstrap script and use it, instead of manjaro-tools-base in buildarmpkg
    • Add a -u flag to deployarmimg, which is used to specify an OSDN username, in cases where it's different than your local username
    • Make buildarmpkg use the new fakeroot-qemu package instead of regular fakeroot, since that seems to be broken when used in a qemu chroot
    • buildarmpkg will also now use all cores available when compressing the finished package
  • 2.8.5
    Release 2.8.5

    New stuff:

    • Add support for sway profile
    • Switch Rock64 and Roc-CC devices to using TF-A uboot instead of vendor blobs
  • 2.8.4
    Release 2.8.4

    New stuff:

    • Fix display manager on plasma-mobile-dev installations
    • Add XFCE to the factory install setting
    • Add support for nanopc-t4
  • 2.8.3
    188e1bd4 · update readme ·
    Release 2.8.3

    Shiny new stuff:

    • Specific mirror used for building packages and images can now be set in manjaro-arm-tools.conf.
    • Add support for pine-h64, roc-cc and oc4 devices.
    • Add a text file on images created with buildarmimg that contains $DEVICE, $EDITION and $VERSION information about the image.
    • Query all mirrors when generating images, but hide the list.
    • When using another branch with buildarmpkg it now changes the branch used for creating the rootfs too, so also the build tools are the versions of that branch.
  • 2.8.2
    Release 2.8.2

    New stuff:

    • buildemmcinstaller will now use a local image from $IMGDIR if it exists.
    • buildarmpkg now force updates package databases before downloading dependencies.
    • buildarmpkg now uses the syntax of the new pacman-mirrors version.
    • Change mirror and branch names throughout all tools, to support our new infrastructure.
  • 2.8.1
    Release 2.8.1

    Release Notes:

    • Remove buildarmoem.
    • Make `buildarmimg function again.
    • Change partitioning to 2 partition layout for all devices.
    • General code cleanup.
    • Add a couple of new dependencies.
    • Remove deployarmpkg, since we now use Boxit.
    • Remove device specific section from buildarmimg, since it's now handles with post-install packages.
    • Remove buildmobilefs, since we newer used it.
    • Add pinephone user to audio group by default.
  • 2.8.0
    f78f352e · remove unused repo-add.sh ·
    Release 2.8.0

    Feature Release:


    • Fix some pinephone services.
    • U-boot flashing now expects the ATF enabled uboot for rk3399 devices.
    • Make getarmprofiles use the new location for the arm-profiles.
    • Fix some stuff in deployarmpkg, but we will not use it anymore, because we have Boxit.
    • Remove zip from dependency list.
    • Support other package formats, like .zst, instead of only .xz.
    • Adapt all the tools to use the new boxit server structure.
    • Add branch support to buildarmpkg and buildarmoem.
    • Don't replace the mirrorlist on the host system when using buildarmpkg, buildrootfs and builddockerimg.
    • Remove the old unused repo-add.sh script.

    Notice We recommend removing your previous package caches, rootfs download and profiles when installing this release. Do so, by running these commands:

    sudo rm /var/cache/manjaro-arm-tools/pkg/pkg-cache/*
    sudo rm /var/lib/manjaro-arm-tools/img/manjaro-ARM-*
    sudo getarmprofiles -f
  • 2.7.3
    Release 2.7.3

    Improvement release:

    • [buildarmpkg] move the installation of local package to later function, so you can "chain" install multiple packages over multiple tries.
    • [buildarmpkg] mount the PKGBUILD folder into the chroot instead of copying.
    • [deployarmpkg] make it possible to upload multiple packages at once.
  • 2.7.2
    Release 2.7.2

    Bug fix release

    New Stuff:

    • Now displays all supported devices in help section instead of using hardcoded entries.
    • [buildarmoem] Switch Rapsberry Pi 4 images to using regular sddm instead of sddm-compat.
    • [buildarmoem] Remove GDM specific stuff from gnome edition, since it now uses sddm.
    • [buildarmoem] Remove the wifi powermanagement stuff from TLP in rockpi4 and pbpro device settings.
    • General code clean up.
  • 2.7.1
    Release 2.7.1

    Bugfix Release

    New stuff:

    • Fix basestrap command to include manjaro-system and manjaro-release
    • Updated makepkg to version 5.2
    • Enable khadas-utils on Vim devices
    • Use expiredate= on display managers because of new systemd behaviour
    • Populate archlinux keyring during image creation
    • Switch Odroid N2 to use Mainline kernel
    • Add Pinebook Pro device to supported device lists.
    • Use fbturbo driver on Pinebook Pro XFCE images, until Panfrost issues are resolved.
  • 2.7.0
    Release 2.7.0

    New features:

    • builddockerimg is a new script, that will create a base Manjaro ARM aarch64 image and upload it to Dockerhub.
    • Add support for the Vim 1 device.
    • Add support for the Vim 2 device.
    • Add support for headless setups in buildarmoem. Great for server setups.


    • Remove uboot flashing on vim3 devices, since it does not use it anymore.
    • Use regular sddm version for Vim 3.
    • More tuning for PineTab, PinePhone and Plasma Mobile tests.
    • Rename kde to kde-plasma.
    • Fix basestrap command after the base group got replaced by a meta package.
    • Fix bootsplash support on Pine devices.
    • Fix doubleslash in path when uploading images with deployarmimg.
  • 2.6.4
    Release 2.6.4

    Bugfix release

    New in this release:

    • Distribution of base rootfs is now done via CDN
    • Finish Khadas Vim 3 support
    • Clean up the Raspberry Pi 4 support
    • Start support for PineTab
    • Start support for PinePhone
    • [deployarmpkg] Only upload if signature was created
    • [deployarmimg] Only upload if signature was created
    • Fix an issue where the sddm-compat was not properly applied to correct images
    • Change default device to rpi4
  • 2.6.3
    Release 2.6.3

    New in this release:

    • Finish rpi4 support.
    • Add support for Khadas Vim 3.
    • Use https mirrors during builds.
    • Add new torrent tracker.
    • Start on PinePhone, PineTab and Pinebook Pro support.
    • Device and Edition checks now happen in the start of image building.
  • 2.6.2
    Release 2.6.2

    Bugfix Release

    Changes in this release:

    • Use pkg-cache for image creation aswell.
    • Fix typo in buildemmcinstaller.
    • Remove resize-fs from all images. This is now done by the OEM Setup.
    • Add buildmobilefs, to build images/rootfs for mobile devices in the future.
    • Set hostname to manjaro-arm in the EMMC Installer images.
    • Add preliminary support for rpi4. Generated images does not work yet.
  • 2.6.1
    Release 2.6.1

    Bugfix Release

    Fixes and changes:

    • buildarmpkg and buildrootfs now uses basestrap, since pacstrap is getting removed from Manjaro repositories. To get basestrap please install manjaro-tools-base package. Dependency has also changed because of this.
    • Updated some help sections. Like for buildemmcinstaller and getarmprofiles.
    • Disabled buildarmimg for the time being. It was broken and not really used. Might get removed at some point.
    • buildarmpkg now uses the hosts pkg-cache folder instead of the rootfs cache. This results in a lot fewer packages being downloaded when a package gets build, because it might have been used before.
  • 2.6.0
    Release 2.6.0

    Feature Release

    New in this release:

    • Removed armv7h support.
    • Add preliminary RockPi4 support.
    • Add script to build eMMC flashing images for supported laptops. Called buildemmcinstaller.
    • Fix HDMI sound on rpi3.
    • Fix a chroot error when making images.
    • Fix partitions done by buildarmoem. They are now all labeled.
    • Fix boot partition on Odroid N2. Kernel updates should now apply correctly.
    • Fix polkit folder not found message when building minimal images.
    • Fix signature option in deployarmimg.