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By introducing a "development cycle" var, files will be uploaded to the correct project and directory, reflecting the established SF-projects and directory structure actually present and used by the team.

official development           --> manjarotest/$dist_release/$profile
official candidates or release --> manjarolinux/$dev_cycle/$dist_release/$profile
community                      --> manjarolinux-community/$dev_cycle/$dist_release/$profile
  • $dev_cycle is set in manjaro-tools.conf and defaults to 'development'.
  • check_dev_cycle() assures that var is valid.
  • deployiso -p <profile> -qv will return $dev_cycle under "REMOTE"
  • "UPLOAD QUEUE" output has been adjusted.
  • additional feedback of SF project when upload starts, like e.g.:
==> Start upload [i3] --> [manjarolinux-community] ...
  • create_release() ( deployiso -c ) will create remote directories accordingly.
  • default manjaro-tools.conf and README updated with the new variable.

I've tested deployiso including create_release with several settings and profiles.

examples: deployiso -p xfce -qv returns:

  -> account: oberon2007
  -> host: sourceforge.net
  -> development cycle: development
 --> Profile: [xfce]
  -> project: manjarotest
  -> src_dir: /home/bernhard/manjaro/iso/manjaro/17.0-beta2/xfce
  -> target_dir: 17.0-beta2/xfce

with $dev_cycle set to 'candidates':

 --> Profile: [xfce]
  -> project: manjarolinux
  -> src_dir: /home/bernhard/manjaro/iso/manjaro/17.0-beta2/xfce
  -> target_dir: candidates/17.0-beta2/xfce

and with a community profile:

 --> Profile: [cinnamon]
  -> project: manjarolinux-community
  -> src_dir: /home/bernhard/manjaro/iso/community/17.0-beta2/cinnamon
  -> target_dir: candidates/17.0-beta2/cinnamon

dev_cycle= set to rubbish in manjaro-tools.conf results in:

$ deployiso -p i3
==> ERROR: rubbish is not a valid development cycle!

😉 as it should be...

Here's a PKGBUILD for quick testing.

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