Bugfix release

Fixed in this release:

  • Don't enable pinebook-user.service in buildarmimg and buildarmoem when creating pinebook images. It did not work as it should. Changes has been made to the pinebook-post-install script to account for this.
  • Remove create_rootfs_function from buildarmimg and buildarmoem, since it didn't really serve a need.
  • Add -i option to buildarmpkg to install a local package into a the rootfs before building packages. Useful when you just need a single dependency not yet in the repo.
  • Fix sopine support. I haven't tested on a sopine, but I did test on the pine64-lts board, where it works fine.
  • Images sizes are now a variable, instead of a fixed size. This makes it possible to create huge or tiny images without having to account for it in the tools before hand. Images are now around +200MB the size of the edition it self.