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  • v6.2.5
    Release v6.2.5
    • increase frequency of mirrorlist to weekly
    • avoir the crowded 1st of the month for cleancache
    • revert pacman -Syy after mirrorlist update
    • only download db files that have changed since the last sync
    • update some translations
  • v6.2.6
    3825dcdf · v6.2.6 ·
    Release v6.2.6
    • add pacman 4.9 support
    • fixes
  • v6.2.7
    e3d1dec8 · v6.2.7 ·
    Release v6.2.7
    • fix finding updates
    • prevent closing pamac if running a transaction
    • display a notification when transaction is finished
  • v6.3.0
    961235a8 · v6.3.0 ·
    Release v6.3.0
    • show progress when checking for updates
    • support vala 0.40
    • bug fixes
  • v6.3.1
    6209bb2b · v6.3.1 ·
    Release v6.3.1
    • fix unclosable after generate mirrorlist
  • v6.3.2
    30a33f66 · v6.3.2 ·
    Release v6.3.2
    • files dbs are now only synced by pamac-tray in background or when refresh dbs using the menu, it leads to:
      • faster check updates
      • faster sync dbs before apply ugrades
    • no more block the UI between package upgrades and AUR upgrades with a confirm dialog, which is now displayed after clicking on Apply
    • keep the packages list scrollbar position after a transaction
  • v6.3.3
    66fb9b93 · v6.3.3 ·
    Release v6.3.3
    • minor bug fixes
  • v6.4.0
    d80d9c8f · v6.4.0 ·
    Release v6.4.0
    • pacman 5.1 support
    • add a option to auto download updates (disabled by default)
    • add a "--search" option to start pamac-manager with a search
    • update translations
  • v6.4.1   - bug fixes - update translations
    cb1c0b41 · v6.4.1 ·
    Release v6.4.1
    • bug fixes
    • update translations
  • v6.5.0
    Release v6.5.0

    Introduce pamac cli (see pamac --help for usage).

    Main features are:

    • Intuitive syntax
    • AUR support
    • No need to be run as root, authentication will be asked when needed

    Give it a try :)

  • v6.9.0   v6.9.0 - pre-release
    Release v6.9.0

    Introduce python bindings (see examples for usage).

    Main features are:

    • fix authentication via ssh for pamac-cli
    • display removed size in pamac-cli
    • search files in syncdbs also in cli mode
    • display "install" instead of "upgrade" for already installed packages
    • allow pamac-installer to install from repositories
    • enhance modularity and add python bindings
  • v7.0.0
    debb1767 · V7.0.0 ·
    Release v7.0.0
    • Add libpamac: a library to access packages info and run transactions
    • Add Python bindings for libpamac
    • CLI (pamac) and GUI (pamac-manager) are now two implementations of libpamac
    • Updated translations
    • Bug fixes
  • v7.0.1
    4d240d31 · v7.0.1 ·
    Release v7.0.1
    • update translations
    • bug fixes
  • v7.1.0
    13862764 · v7.1.0 ·
    Release v7.1.0
    • libpamac: improve performance
    • libpamac: python tests in examples (thanks to papajoker)
    • pamac-gtk: smoother ui
    • bug fixes
    • updated translations
  • v7.1.1
    52f5a7af · v7.1.1 ·
    Release v7.1.1
    • bug fixes
  • v7.2.0
    f37f9e01 · v7.2.0 ·
    Release v7.2.0
    • pamac-gtk: add edit build files support
    • pamac-cli: add edit build files support
    • pamac-cli: add clone action
    • pamac-cli: build action now has an --no-clone option to only use local build files
    • pamac-cli: build action without argument now tries to build from the PKGBUILD in the current dir
  • v7.2.1
    b351edf5 · v7.2.1 ·
    Release v7.2.1
    • updated translations
    • fixes
  • v7.2.2
    c7284d94 · v7.2.2 ·
    Release v7.2.2
    • updated translations
    • fixes
  • v7.3.0
    ce6bcb69 · v7.3.0 ·
    Release v7.3.0
    • libpamac: add parallel downloads support (two connections per mirror) with a max_parallel_downloads option
    • libpamac: add check aur vcs updates (-git, -svn,...) support a with check_aur_vcs_updates option
    • libpamac: add a dialog to install optional deps when installing packages
    • libpamac: add a dialog to import the required PGP keys when building a package from AUR
    • cli: now follows /etc/pamac.conf (no need to use --aur option if AUR support is enabled in pamac.conf)
    • cli: "checkupdates" action now reports AUR outofdate packages (if check AUR updates is enabled)
    • cli: "search" action now search in dbs and in AUR at the same time (if AUR support is enabled)
    • pamac-tray: use new icons
    • pamac-manager: use new icons
    • pamac-manager: add a gnome-shell search provider to directly search packages in gnome-shell
    • pamac-manager: add a gnome-shell extension called pamac-updates with a full pamac integration
    • pamac-updater symlink to pamac-manager is removed, use "pamac-manager --updates" instead
  • v7.3.1
    f1664724 · v7.3.1 ·
    Release v7.3.1
    • make all icons themeable (see data/icons)
    • updated translations
    • fixes