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  • v2.2
    e7f0e086 · fix #35 ·
    Release v2.2

    With this release we stabilized Pamac and made it more unified. v2.2 mainly contains internal changes not visible to the user. Changes we want to point out:

    • automatic refresh after mirrorslist generation
    • code improvements
    • possible null string fixed
    • updated translations
  • v2.1.2
    d677f540 · prepare 2.1.2 ·
    Release v2.1.2
    • prevent from AUR errors
    • make updater to use daemon to get updates
    • improve updater ui
    • fix possible conflict between tray and updater
    • update translations
  • v2.1.1
    570137d7 · Update translations ·
    Release v2.1.1
    • fix showing empty change summaries
    • fix not respecting ignorepkg
    • fix column widths for package lists
    • improve memory management
    • fix issue with number of downloaded data
    • fix packages list display size
    • fix copyright year
    • fix dbus errors within normal usage
    • fix transaction.to_remove.steal
    • fix hangs on conflicting file check during complete system-upgrade
    • fix transaction cancel
    • fix false update notification
    • fix issue DB locked after reboot
    • re-add feature to install missing extramodules if multiple kernels are present
    • do not erase empty lines in pacman.conf
    • some code improvements
    • small improvements on the manager window UI
  • v2.1
    e6dc06f1 · update translations ·
    Release v2.1
    • add support for pacman 4.2 / libalpm.9
  • v2.0   Stable release 2.0
    6639139d · Update Translations ·